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Business & Wealth Coaching: Dr Jeremy Britton, DFA, SA(Fin) AAHA DPH DD
Jeremy had a wildly entrepreneurial spirit from early age. He started his first financial planning business at age 19 and proceeded to start and own several financial planning businesses, as well as retail stores and professional service businesses.
After working 60-70 hours a week for several years, Jeremy suffered a heart attack when he was 33. After this wake-up call, Jeremy then decided to design his life around passion and purpose. He did this by creating a business which focused on great lifestyle choices including working only 24 hours a week from home (or the beach!), daily meditation and healthy eating.
Jeremy is the author of several books and has been featured on numerous radio shows in NYC, Indonesia, USA, Australia & Africa. He has appeared on four Australian television networks and dozens of newspapers and magazines. An award-winning best-seller, Jeremy has written several books on creating wealth through stocks, shares, property and business, as well as books on millionaire mindset, social media, entrepreneurial mindset, health and spirituality. Jeremy’s passion allows him to live his purpose by giving back to entrepreneurs in emerging nations.

Let Jeremy show YOU how to design YOUR life with passion and a genuine sense of purpose.

Creator of “Flick Your Rich Switch Technology ®” and “Binary Sexology ®“, Jeremy lives his holistic wealth coaching advice by balancing work, life and the things he loves to do the most: travel, sun gazing, meditation and a continued focus on self-improvement. Whether you are looking to escape the 9-5 grind (in fact Jeremy also worked remotely from the tropical island of Bali for almost 18 months) or if you are in a rut wondering what your passion/purpose is, you’ll find that you can balance all parts of your life (without the heart attack wake up call!)

Watch these testimonial videos to understand the impact Jeremy has made in his client’s lives, both financial and emotional.

See how past clients have enjoyed up to 500% more income, as well as a happier life

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Health & Fitness: Justin Phillips CFMW Justin is a multi-skilled health coach, who has worked as a personal trainer and mystical exercise instructor. In addition to standard western health and fitness practices,
Justin is also a master of Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, yoga and quantum meridian meditation. A serious health & fitness guru, Justin has also healed himself of Lyme disease, as well as assisting others through ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), depression and other physical or mental illness.
Schedule a time to speak with Justin here via Skype — your initial 30-minute consultation is obligation (and gluten) free Intuition & Spirituality: Susan Bauer MFA, RSMET, CFMW Embodied Brilliance™ is a unique, holistic, body-based approach to personal growth and transformation. This process encourages your true authentic nature to shine forth from behind the clouds of fear and cultural conditioning, as you access your inner wisdom.  It supports you to express your inner clarity and vitality–and truly embody your own authentic nature.
To explore how Embodied Brilliance can support your growth, please click the link below to book an initial free discovery session with Susan. You can also see client video testimonials to hear more about the benefits of this approach, and the many transformations people have experienced through this powerful growth process.
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Motivation, Meditation & Peace:  Dr Luke Simmons began his journey toward finding inner peace in 2006. Since that time he has received a Personality Peace & Education Award, represented prominent spiritual leaders of peace and love, and assisted many philanthropic causes in several countries.Luke has worked for newspapers, magazines and has featured in various media around the planet.
Luke has assisted to create churches, social and religious movements, focuses on meditation and is currently building his own retreat accommodation centre. A place to laugh, love, meditate, unwind, share food, accommodate holiday visitors, and provide a space for financial growth workshops and personal growth seminars.Schedule a time to speak with Luke here via Skype – your initial 50 minute consultation is obligation free.